Hanes Ultimate Baby Zipping Knit Hoodie

So, Hanes Ultimate Baby Zipping Knit Hoodie Pink color fabric rib ham and cuff hooded jacket. Thus, no single irregularity in the stitching in it. So, Check the literal labels (if applicable) Typical genuine Hanes tags. Also, quality fabric robust stitching and clear unerasable names on the label The neck stripe is very regular. stitching lines parallel to the stripe Edge. But, The fabric is smooth, shiny, and robust. Due to, Extra stitching at the literal sides to prevent disintegration. It is The perfect match to love a baby and fit for a cute tailored look and your baby looks very pretty.

About This Item

So, 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 3% Spandex

Also, Imported

Also, Zipper closure

So, Machine Wash

Since Zipper makes changing baby easier and our protective zipper panel and pocket keep the zipper away from baby’s skin

But, a 4-way stretch ensures a perfect fit

Thus, Super soft, the flexible fabric moves with baby

Also, Adjustable cuffs for added flexibility and perfect sleeve length

But, 4 simple sizes are available in 6-month increments and fit the baby longer.So, For more, you can visit Wikipedia.

Hanes Size Chart


Brand SizeSizeAgeHeightWeight
0 – 6 M0 – 6 M0 – 6M26.517lb
6 – 12 M6 – 12 M6 – 12M30.512.5 – 25lb
12 – 18 M12 – 18 M12 – 18M32.521 – 28lb
18 – 24 M18 – 24 M18 – 24M3425 – 30lb


Finally, This baby hoodie is very beautiful, smooth, and comfortable. long sleeve basic solid hoodie pullover made of soft comfortable cotton fabric of no harm to your baby’s delicate skin. So, Excellent quality breathable, and flexible. your sweetheart will Hanes Ultimate Baby Zipping Knit Hoodie enjoy a super smooth fit and great comfort.

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